Gravel is used primarily for construction projects including driveways, concrete, pathways, and as a base for pavers or flagstone. We offer a variety of gravels to suit your needs. Our Gravels come from locally owned and operated quarries.


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#57 Gravel  -  $35.90 / Ton

#57 washed stone gravel grey in color, 1/4-3/4 inch in size average, use for top layer for driveways after good base of crush & run.


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#78 Gravel  -  $35.90 / Ton

#78's are approximately three eighths of an inch in size and the dust is removed during the screening process.


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Crusher Run Gravel  -  $33.90 / Ton

Crusher run is a mixture from 1" in size all the way down to dust. The dust or "the fines" are screened in the plant. Ideal for driveways because it compacts nicely and stays together well, making it easier to drive on or walk across. Also used on farm lanes and parking lots.